Mice can be rederived using in vitro fertilization (IVF). Sperm from a frozen sample or a donor male supplied by the investigator can be used to fertilize embryos from superovulated females. Embryos are incubated overnight to the 2-cell stage, and then surgically re-implanted into pseudopregnant females.
Service Description

  • generate pseudopregnant recipient females
  • thaw frozen sperm sample or collect fresh sperm from donor male
  • surgically implant fertilized embryos into pseudopregnant females
  • monitor pregnant females
  • wean pups
  • The recipients will be tested for pathogens before the pups are transferred to your colony.

Prices and Guarantees

  • The cost of IVF for mouse rederivation includes thawing frozen sperm or harvesting sperm from a donor male.
  • The investigator is responsible for cage per diem costs.
  • If the recipients do not become pregnant for any reason, we will repeat the procedure at no additional cost.
  • Some inbred strains do not perform well for IVF.
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Reserve and IVF Session

To order an IVF session, go to our PRTS Forms page. Fill out a “Request for In Vitro Fertilization” form and e-mail it to Bob Hunter (