Fertilized pre-implantation embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen can be thawed and implanted into pseudopregnant recipient females in order to rederive a transgenic mouse line. Alternatively, pre-implantation embryos can be harvested from time-mated females, “washed”, and re-implanted into pseudopregnant recipient females. This technique eliminates viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections, and is commonly used to convert mouse colonies to Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) status. Embryo rederivation is also the preferred method of importing mouse lines from non-approved vendors to the UW.

Service Description

  • generate pseudopregnant recipient females
  • thaw embryos and surgically transfer to pseudopregnant recipient females or
  • collect embryos from super-ovulated females, wash embryos, and re-implant
  • monitor pregnant females
  • wean pups
  • The recipients will be tested for pathogens before the pups are transferred to your colony.

Prices and Guarantees

  • The cost of embryo thaw and rederivation includes thaw and transfer of one straw of embryos to time-mated pseudopregnant females (2-3 recipients).
  • The cost of embryo harvest from infected females for SPF conversion includes embryo harvest from 10 superovulated females and surgical re-implantation into pseudopregnant recipient females.
  • The investigator is responsible for cage per diem costs.
  • If the recipients do not become pregnant for any reason, we will repeat the procedure at no additional cost.
  • Click here for current rates.

Reserve an Embryo Rederivation Session

To order an embryo rederivation session, go to our TRP Forms page. Fill out a "Request For Embryo Rederivation" form and e-mail it to Bob Hunter (bhunter@uw.edu).