May 30, 2019

Beyond Incident Response: Mitigating Impacts of Major Traffic Incidents in the Seattle I-5 Corridor (2018)

As detailed in a new report released today from the University of Washington’s Mobility Innovation Center, Seattle-area law enforcement and transportation agencies are working together to jointly improve mobility in the wake of major traffic incidents in the I-5 corridor.

Sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), CoSSaR researchers undertook a study of how the region could improve response to major incidents. In collaboration with law enforcement and transportation agencies with jurisdiction in the Seattle area—WSDOT, SDOT, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and King County Metro—CoSSaR reviewed policies and procedures, studied past incidents, and conducted tabletop exercises to understand current and possible future responses to a major incident.

“The report recommendations make clear the need to formalize and empower an extended community that is ready to work together on all aspects of whatever is thrown at them,” said Professor Mark Haselkorn, lead author of the report. “Moving forward, the Seattle area interagency working group will provide a critical addition to the fabric of our city’s preparedness, resilience and ability to act as a coordinated community.”

Read the full report here.