CPAC 2011 NeSSI™ Workshop

Webinar Format
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Thursday, November 10th - NeSSI™ Workshop
 NeSSI™ Workshop - Introduction and Current Status of NeSSI™


Meeting Registration Desk Opens - Hardisty Conference Room, 6th Floor, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

8:30 a.m.

Introduction and an outline of expectations for this workshop.    Brian Marquardt APL/CPAC


Overview of recent NeSSI™ activity
Mel Koch, APL/CPAC

    • IFPAC 2011
    • CPAC Rome workshop
    • ISA AD
    • CPAC members May meeting
    • IMTeC
    • FACCS


Advances in Generation I
Evolving Applications that Demonstrate the Versatility of the NeSSI™ Platform

Tom Dudley and Mike Cost, Parker – Hannifin


End User Based Studies that Address the Cost of Ownership of the NeSSI™ Platform

Doug Nordstrom, Swagelok




Advances in Generation II

The status of Generation II involving the use of the NeSSI™ Platform and Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
Tracy Dye, ABB

The use of NeSSI™ in Development and Production Activities

Carl Rechsteiner, Chevron


Lunch - Boxed lunches on-site


Advances in Generation III

Astute NeSSI Platform

David Faulkner

Examples of Applications Where NeSSI™ has Enabled Process Understanding in Both Laboratory and Production Environments

  • Enabling Generation III of NeSSI™ by interfacing Measurement Science to the Generation I Platform
  • (Topics to include new sensors, micro-reactors, and bio-reactors)

Brian Marquardt group, APL/CPAC, UW


Useful Applications of Smart micro Gas Chromatography with the NeSSI Platform

Brian Rohrback, Infometrix
John Crandall, Falcon Analytical


Advances in Data Handling related to Generation III, including data handling, wireless and OPC considerations


Open discussion and Planning session for the upcoming events where NeSSI™ will be featured

  • Define NeSSI ™developments and discuss plans for a Roadmap to track upcoming events where NeSSI™ will be featured
    • IFPAC
    • CPAC Rome workshop
    • ISA AD
    • CPAC May members meeting
    • IMTeC
    • SCIX2012
  • Linkedin group status
  • Roadmap results and benchmarking
  • Committee reports and assignments

4:15 p.m.

Workshop Ends