NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) Pittcon 2001 Update

Below is a short summary on the NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) forum conducted March 7th, 2001 in New Orleans (concurrent to Pittcon 2001). The thrust of this forum was to examine mechanisms, and elimination of barriers, for the purpose of "electrifying" NeSSI. To that end various ways of providing power, signal and heating systems (including wireless) to the miniature, modular manifolds were presented and discussed. The agenda for the meeting is summarized in the file NeSSIPittcon_agenda.ppt

First off we would like to thank the 37 or so attendees for making this a worthwhile endeavor. Your comments and feedback helped make this forum a valuable exercise. Secondly we would like to thank Steve Doe and the folks at Parker-Hannifin for arranging conference room accommodations in the "Bacchus Room" at the Wyndham Hotel. Finally, and most importantly, we would like to thank and acknowledge our presenters who did a bang up job. These included Rick Ales, Frank Ruiz, Kelley Bell and John Crawford. Also special mention goes to John Wright from Fisher-Rosemount who had to do a bit of "pinch-hitting" at the last moment.

Attached are the presentations from the forum and a bit of a recap for each. We hope you find them informative.

NeSSI Vision - "Top Ten Shopping List",  Rob Dubois - Dow Chemical,
[Topten_NeSSI_v2.ppt ]

New Sampling/Sensor Initiative, Frank Ruiz - Parker-Hannifin
[Parker_NeSSI Presentation New Orleans.ppt]

CPAC Communications Session, Rick Ales - Swagelok

Sensor Component Requirements,  Kelley Bell - ABB Analytical
[ABB_NeSSI Pittcon2001.ppt]

NeSSI Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networking, John Crawford - Crossbow Technology, Inc.

"Electrifying" NeSSI - Wireless to the Rescue?

Applying Wireless SI/O Architecture to NeSSI, John Crawford - Crossbow Technology, Inc.

A couple of key issues have emerged from the New Orleans forum, specifically:

  1. We need to break the work out into various groups/teams and by doing so making this process more inclusive. This will provide an opportunity for End Users and other interested folks to get more actively involved - and hands-on - at this key juncture.
  2. We need to define more clearly the functional specifications of the equipment required for the substrate. To these ends we will be organizing at least four 4 small sub-teams as follows:

TEAM 1. Existing/Adapting Technology (EATS)

TEAM 2. Functional Analytical Specification (FAST)

TEAM 3.  Sensor Analytical Manager (SAM)

TEAM 4. X-Proof Mini-Power & Signal Wiring/Connector Solution (MINI-BUS)

Associated & "Possible" Future Teams

The tentative structure of the teams will be as follow: a team leader, a core working group composed of 3-4 individuals and possibly a group of supporting members. We have some team leaders in mind but are actively working on "recruiting" both leaders and the core working groups. Please let us know if you are interested in serving in any of these capacities. Our next steps and activities will be formulated at the next CPAC Meeting which will be held the week of May 7-10, 2001 in Seattle, WA. At that time we will develop a roadmap for what we see are the required next steps and activities for NeSSI. We will also further define the mandate of each of these little sub-teams and identify participants and structure.

Best regards,
Peter, Rob and Mel

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