NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) CPAC Spring 2001 Sponsor Meeting

Below is a short summary on the NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) session at the CPAC May 2001 Sponsor meeting. The thrust of this session was to report on the NeSSI progress and outline future activities. Much of the emphasis in this session centered on the steps needed to complete the conceptual roadmap for NeSSI as illustrated below.


Attached are the presentations from the tutorial session and a bit of a recap for each. We hope you find them informative.

NeSSI Update,  Peter van Vuuren - ExonMobil
[NESSI_S01.ppt ]

NeSSI: A Vision & A Roadmap, Rob Dubois - Dow Chemical,

Applying Wireless I/O Controller To NeSSI, Mike Horton, President & CEO - Crossbow Technology, Inc

Next Generation Process Analyzer System Connectivity Issues, Peter van Vuuren - ExxonMobil

NeSSI - Next Steps, Agenda CPAC Sampling Focus Group, Rob Dubois - Dow Chemical

Coming Soon -- the Focus Group Notes and Action Items