PITCON 2002 NeSSI Open Session

March 20, 2002
Room 235, Morial Convention Center
1:30 - to about 4:00 PM

Program Session 238: User-Manufacturer Information Exchanges (UMIX)

New Sampling/Sensor Initiative (NeSSI) Information Exchange


Introductory Remarks -- JAMES F. TATERA (Announcement flyer)


(2332) New Sampling/Sensor Initiative Concept and Draft Specification
ROBERT F. DUBOIS, Dow Chemical Canada Inc, Peter van Vuuren, James F. Tatera


(2333) Surface Mount Technology for Sample Conditioning Systems
STEVE DOE, Parker Hannifin Corporation


(2334) Miniature Modular Sample Systems - From Concept to Reality
DAVID M. SIMKO, Swagelok Company




(2335) Vendor/User Inputs Workshop
JAMES F. TATERA , Robert F. Dubois, Peter van Vuuren

Workshop Topics:

NeSSI as Potential Platform for Micro-Analytical Sensors

Sampling Requirements for Micro-Analytical Devices (MADs)

Opportunities to apply NeSSI as a MAD Sampling Platform

Sensor/Actuator Communications

To CAN or NOT (CAN-bus to the rescue?)

Charter for C-Team (Connectivity Team)

SAM, A Sensor and Analytical Manager happy to do the Routine Sampling System Tasks

What should SAM be doing  (Applets Concept)

Who should SAM be talking to 

Notes from workshops

4:00 Adjourn

If you canít attend, but want to learn more about NeSSI, please check out the NeSSI portion of the CPAC web site at  www.cpac.washington.edu/NeSSI/NeSSI.htm