January 22, 2003

 IFPAC 2003

 Wed PM-II Session

"NeSSI: A Sampling Platform for Micro Physical and Micro Analytical Sensors"

Session Chair: Peter van Vuuren, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Engineering, Baytown, Texas


1:10 NeSSI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -Early Implementations and Directions
Rob Dubois - Dow Chemical Canada Inc., Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada; John Cumbus
, ExxonMobil Chemical
1:35 NeSSI Generation I  - A Solid Foundation
Douglas A. Nordstrom, David M. Simko, John J. Wawrowski
, Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio
2:00 Between SAM and the Substrate - A Smart Valve for NeSSI
Richard A. Ales
, David M. Simko, Swagelok Co., Ohio
2:25 Networked Sampling System (NeSSI-Generation II) Developmentand Field Test
J.Mosher, R.Nickels and U.Bonne, Honeywell International - ACS
2:50 - 4:00  Break - Allow attendees to participate in the Grand Opening of the Exhibition
4:00 Microelectromechanical Systems for Process Analytics
Berthold Andres
, ABB Automation Products, Germany
4: 25 PHASED, a Faster, Smarter and More Affordable Gas Analysis Device - Update
U.Bonne, J.Detry, R.Higashi, K.Newstrom-Peitso, H.Pham, T.Rezacheck and S.Swanson Honeywell Labs, Plymouth, MN
4:50 Low Water levels in various solvents: on-line monitoring by a Miniature MIR Spectrometer
Joseph P Sung and Jim Tatum, Rohm & Haas, Houston, TX, Yael Barshad and Yoav Barshad, Applied Analytics, Inc., Chestnut Hill, MA
5:15 Computational Fluid Dynamic(CFD) Analysis of Gas and Liquid Flow Through a Modular Sample System
Tanios Y. Bougebrayel
, John J. Wawrowski, Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio
5:40 Surface Mount Technology Update - 2003
Steve Doe , Parker Hannifin Corp., Jacksonville, AL
6:05  Adjourn

    Ad-hoc NeSSI Session: Tomorrow (Thursday) Night at 5:00 PM

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