CPAC and NeSSI at ISA Expo2003

CPAC would like to thank all those who loaned devices and/or equipment for display in our booth at the ISA Expo2003 show in Houston TX in October.  The list of Vendors supplying hardware is below along with a few photographs taken at the ISA show.

Substrate (System) Vendors




Component Vendors

Emerson Process (Brooks Instrument)

Mass Flow Meters, Mass Flow Controllers, Rotometers

Emerson Process (Rosemount)

pH and Conductivity Sensors and Controller/Meter

Flow Matrix Mass Flow Controller

GE Panametrics

Oxygen Transmitter


Pressure Sensors


Mass Flow Controller

 Mass Sensors

CyberSpec Sensor Vacuum Chamber and NeSSI Inlet

 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

On-Line Slurry Density Sensor (non-NeSSI)


Mass Flow Controller

 Restek Corporation                

Corrosion Resistant Coatings for NeSSI™ Components


Photo Gallery

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Swagelok's NeSSI System

Swagelok NeSSI system with components from Rosemont, Porter, Horiba STEC, Flow Matrix, and Brooks. Also shown is the new NeSSI sampling port for the Matrix Solutions, LLC Raman BallProbe™.

Circor's µMS3 System

Circor's µMS3 system displayed at CPAC's ISA booth

Parker's New InterFlow™ System

Parker's new NeSSI system (just released at ISA) featuring a heated substrate and side flow connecting blocks. Also pictured is the vacuum chamber for Mass Sensors, Inc., CyberSpec™ mass sensor with NeSSI compatable inlet port. In the back is a InterFlow™ system with anti-corrosion coatings by Restek Corp.

XOS Sulfur Analyzer

An on-line sulfur analyzer by XOS utilizing NeSSI components (from Circor) as the sampling interface. This systems was exhibited at ISA Expo2003.

XOS Sulfur Analyzer NeSSI Interface

Details of the NeSSI sampling interface for the XOS Sulfur analyzer. The NeSSI components for this system are from Circor. Pictures courtesy of Jerry Evens.

Dave and Peter at the CPAC ISA booth

Peter vanVuuren and Dave Veltkamp survey the CPAC booth prior to the opening of the ISA Expo2003 show.


Peter vanVuuren explaining NeSSI to visitors at the CPAC ISA booth


One of the representatives from Brooks helping out at the booth.


Mel Koch and Peter vanVuuren describing CPAC and NeSSI to visitors to the CPAC ISA booth.