TUESDAY, January 11, 2005 - PM - II

IFPAC -- Arlington Salon V

 NESSI Update-2nd Generation

Chairs: Mel Koch, Jeff Gunnell & John Mosher

NeSSI has advanced from a multi-industry discussion topic in CPAC to an ISA standard platform for process sampling. psentations will describe the status of the NESSI platform development, the generation that incorporates signal communication, and the evolution of NeSSI into an enabling tool for high throughput experimentation for process optimization and product development.

1:05 I-127 NeSSI Systems: The Approach to a Best Practice
Jeff Gunnell, ExxonMobil Chemical Co., Cowdenbeath, Fife, UK and Rob Dubois, Dow Chemical
1:30 I-081 Software Simplifies the Design and Layout of Real-life NeSSI Systems
John J. Wawrowski & David M. Simko, Swagelok, Solon, OH
1:55 I-205 Specifications and Availability of Components for ANSI/ISA-76 (NeSSI) Process Analysis Systems
Robert Sherman, CIRCOR Tech, Shorewood, IL
2:20 I-086 Progress and Developments in Network Solutions for NeSSI Generation II.
John Mosher, Honeywell Sensing & Control, Lodi, CA
2:45   Break -- Exhibits Grand Preview -- Grand Ballroom
4:00 I-143 Update the IEEE 1451.6 Standard Development
Rick Ales, Swagelok, Willoughby, Ohio
4:25 I-082 NeSSI Platforms for Process and Laboratory Systems
David M. Simko, Swagelok, Solon, OH
4:50 I-114 Application of NESSI to Fundamental Measurements for Modeling and Process Development
Michelle Cohn, UOP, Des Plaines, IL
5:15 I-188 Analytical Applications of Modular Sampling Systems (NeSSI)
Dave Veltkamp, CPAC, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
5:40 I-115 Chemical Sensors for the New Sampling/Sensor Initiative
Nelson Lytle, Honeywell International, Morristown, NJ
6:00   Exhibits Close
6:30   Dinner - Arlington Salon III
(for Marriott Guests with all inclusive conference registrations only)
8:00   IFPAC Evening Workshop -- Discussion/Overview of NeSSI
All delegates are invited