IFPAC 2009 Agenda

History, present and future of Process Analysers Arno van Adrichem
ExxonMobil Chemical
SP76 gas sampling probe Michel Josseau
Cleanliness - The Key to Reliable Sample System Performance Danny Van Den Burg
Swagelok Company
The Devil is in the Details: Understanding the ijmpact of your design selection on the flow behavior in a Modular Liquid Sampling System Tanios Bougebrayel
Parker Hannifin
NeSSIā„¢ Gen2 Status of the Sensor Acuator Manager (SAM): Overcoming the Perception of Complexity Patrick Lowery
CIRCOR Instrumentation Technologies
NeSSI-Enabled Smart Components Will Provide Imporved Analyzer System Performance Bob Farmer
Combining Analytical Sensors and NeSSI to Improve Process Understanding Brian Marquardt et al
Bus Communication and Integration with Analytics in Process Sample Conditioning Systems: Hardware, Communications and Software Steve Doe
Parker Hannifin
New Intrisically Save (IS) Digital Bus Based Controller Area Network (CAN) and Applicability to Integrated Process Gas Chromatography Sample Handling Systems Tracy Dye
First NeSSI III Reconfigurable Gas Analyzer: C2V-200 Job Elders
A NeSSI/microGC System for Refining Processes Carl Rechsteiner