IFPAC 2010 Agenda

Future Directions in Process Analytics

Mel Koch
CPAC, University of Washington

SP76 Standard Revision Updates

Steve Doe
Parker Hannifin

New Astute Field Applications

Philippe Coric and Michel Josseau
EIF Filter, Montrevil, France

Leveraging Intrinsically-Safe Digital CANbus Technology for Simultaneous, Multi-Analyzer Sample Conditioning Using a Single System Methodology for Halo-Butyl Moisture and GC Analysis

Paul Bartel
ExxonMobil Chemical Co

Patrick Lowery
CIRCOR International

Current Status of CIRCOR Tech’s Platform Development

Patrick Lowery
CIRCOR International

Matching NeSSI™ System Solutions to Process Criticality: Realizing the Value Proposition

Tracy Dye

A Commercial Implementation of NeSSI-Based Tools for Smart Process Sampling Systems

Bob Farmer
Siemens Industry Inc.

SAM Functionality Considerations

Peter van Vuuren
Process Analytics Consultant

Use of MicroGCs

Carl E Rechsteiner
Chevron Energy Technology Company

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Analyzer Device Integration (ADI) and the Potential Application to NeSSI™ Systems

Tracy Dye

Water Security: Detecting Chemical Agents by SERS usingNeSSI

Stuart Farquharson
Real-Time Analyzers Inc.

Vision of Micro-Analytics on NeSSI™

Brian J. Marquardt
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

Real-Time In-Line Density Analysis of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Smart Microsystems – Application to Process Intensification

Franck Baco-Antoniali

Is NESSI Necessary?

Bob Cook
ABB Totalflow