IFPAC2001 "Integrated Sampling Systems" Session

An  "Integrated Sampling Systems" session was organized for Monday PM at the IFPAC2001 conference. The following papers were presented:

Citius, Altius, Fortius: A New Sampling /Sensor Initiative (NeSSI)

Rob Dubois (Dow), Peter van Vuuren (ExxonMobil Chemical)

Miniature Modular Sample Systems -  Feasible and Practical

Richard Ales, Douglas Nordstrom, David Simko (Swagelok)

Recent Developments for the Advanced Modular Sample System

Richard Hughes (Autoflow Products)

Surface Mount Technology for Sample Conditioning Systems

Frank Ruiz, Steve Doe (Parker Hannifin)

At-Line: A Practical Application of Smart Modular Sampling Components

Kelly Bell (ABB Automation)

Modular Sample Handling Systems and Field Mounted Analyzers

John Gajewski (Rosemount Analytical)

Developments in Stream Switch Valve Technology

Frank Ruiz, Steve Doe (Parker Hannifin)

In general, the papers demonstrated and several conferees commented about the significant progress that has been made since the last IFPAC meeting where a conceptual design and the expected benefits of a smart modular sampling system (based on the surface mount technology developed for the Semi-conductor industry) were presented in a plenary paper by Jeff Gunnell of ExxonMobil Chemical. Several end-users indicated that they plan to initiate some in-house programs to begin to evaluate and demonstrate the viability of this technology in real-world applications. We full well expect that at next year's IFPAC2002 meeting we will have papers by end-users about the results of these evaluations.

Additional Papers of Interest:

Analyzer Pressure Regulation and Vent Recovery System

Frank Ruiz, Ruiz & Associates

2.   IFPAC2001 Ad-hoc Meeting (NeSSI and Connectivity)

An ad-hoc meeting was organized at IFPAC2001 to address some follow-up issues related to the NeSSI session and to discuss some next steps as a result of a plenary paper on "Connectivity for Process Analytical Systems: Confusion or Opportunity". It was indeed a pleasant surprise that these two topics drew a standing room only audience. Attachment 1 covers the meeting notes which hopefully will highlight some of the expectations, concerns and issues raised regarding NeSSI acceptance; also some comments about connectivity which may develop into a NeSSI like initiative also sponsored by CPAC.

The working slides (related to connectivity) from that meeting can be found here