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Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Program (QERM)

The Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM) group has a longstanding association with the Center for Quantitative Science (CQS). For the past two decades, the QERM program has provided excellent teaching assistants for CQS classes, and have served as statistical consultants under faculty supervision. QERM is an interdisciplinary Graduate School program where the focus is upon the mathematics and statistics used in resource management and ecology. Despite the absence of a formal connection, informal associations link the two groups. Many of the CQS faculty are QERM faculty and many of the CQS professors supervise the theses and dissertations of QERM graduate students.

QERM organization

We highlight this program for several reasons. Those undergraduates who have enjoyed the classes in the CQS minor may have discovered that their talents lie in the area of greater amounts of mathematics and statistics and may want to consider a graduate degree in QERM. This option has been followed by several students in the past. 

Another reason to focus on QERM is to note the courses that are required. Some students in the resource schools and in biology have found that their own graduate programs can be enhanced by taking some or all of those classes, and have done so. The result is a CQS minor backed up with the mathematics of statistical inference and/or more advanced differential equations mathematics.