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Teaching Assistantships Available Through The Center For Quantitative Science

The Center for Quantitative Science has approximately 20 quarters of teaching assistantship positions available each year. Teaching assistantship positions are currently hired on a per-quarter basis. Students are encouraged to check with the Center for Quantitative Science office frequently to see if there are any positions available.

The Center also hires Predoctoral Lecturers to teach its summer courses. There are usually two positions available each summer. These positions are posted in March or April each year.

The Center uses a few quarters of our teaching assistantship positions as a recruitment tool to help support incoming School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, and QERM graduate students. The Center, in conjunction with the student’s faculty advisor will offer one or two quarters of support to go along with support from their advisor.

Once applications are being accepted the Center for Quantitative Science will email the SAFS, SEFS, QERM, Statistics, and Biostatistics graduate student email lists to make them aware of the open positions.

Students are expected to register for 10 credits each quarter they hold a teaching assistant position. Predoctoral lecturers who hold positions during the summer must register for a minimum of two credits for summer quarter.

For more information, please contact the Center for Quantitative Science at 206.543.7426.