Corey Mead recently gave us a much needed book-length survey and reflection on games and the military: War Play: Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict. Here’s a nice write up by Kevin Nguyen over at KillScreen. And here’s the blurb and table of contents:

“A behind-the-scenes look at how the military uses cutting-edge video game technology to train soldiers for new forms of armed conflict, treat veterans, and entice new recruits. Researcher Corey Mead shows us training sessions where soldiers undertake multiplayer “missions” that test combat skills, develop unit cohesion, and teach cultural awareness. He immerses himself in 3-D battle simulations so convincing that they leave his heart racing. And he shows how the military fuels the adoption of games as learning tools–and recruitment come-ons. Mead also details how the military uses games to prepare soldiers for their return to the home front, and to treat PTSD. Military-funded researchers were closely involved with the invention of the Internet; now, as Mead proves, we are at the brink of a similar explosion in game technology. War Play reveals that many of tomorrow’s teaching tools, therapies, and entertainments can be found in today’s military”

Readers might also be interested in Games of Empire


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