Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Seattle, March 19-23, 2014

Casual games, indie games, art games, downloadable games, and mobile gaming platforms have transformed the global video game industry and the media landscape. These types of games often have limited controls, simpler graphics, and smaller worlds, screens, and budgets than major console-based games and massive multi-player online games. From Angry Birds to Phone Story and Dys4ia, small games have expanded both the player and developer communities and altered notions of what video games do and how. This panel seeks papers that reflect on the world of small games and what the study of them lends to the growing field of game studies. I am interested in papers that address how small games are different from “big” games. Topics might include: indie game aesthetics, new modes of distribution, games in galleries, small games and difference (race, gender, sexuality, class, etc.), game-making software, interventionist games, small platforms, etc. Send 250-300 word abstract, 5 source sample bibliography, and short biographical statement to Aubrey Anable at by Wednesday August 7th, 2013.

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