Creating art for games can be intimidating. “Should I learn how to draw 2D pixel art or how to sculpt 3D models?” The first step should be to learn how to work in 2D without worrying about that extra dimension. One of the best tools to get started in creating 2D art is with Hexels. Hexels allows you to paint in geometric shapes. These shapes include hexagons (“Standard”), triangles (“Trixels”), squares (“Pixels”), isometric cubes (“Cubes”), or your own custom shape.

If you’re not happy with your artwork, you can switch to another shape and it will automatically transform. Unlike other drawing apps, this allows you to “play” with what you’ve created quickly. This is very valuable for those who may easily get sick of looking at their static creations.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve drawn using the “trixels” shape:

A girl and her eagle (from “Panash & Plume”)

Character selection for an upcoming roguelike game.

Don’t worry about making art perfect. Keep prototyping and experimenting.

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