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Medical Formulas and Supplements

Health and Recovery Services Administration (HRSA) within the Washington State Department of Health maintains a comprehensive list of nutrition supplements that are available, when medically necessary, through the state's Medicaid Program for eligible clients. To find out about nutrition supplements covered by HRSA, check with your primary care provider, or go to the the HRSA web site at, click on "Provider Publications/Fee Schedules," then "Billing Instructions," then "Medical Nutrition Program."

Children with special health care needs who are eligible for WIC may be able to utilize this resource for specific infant formulas or a pediatric nutrition supplement. Some products will need prescriptions for specific products.

Children enrolled in the CSHCN Program through their local health department who are unable to obtain medically necessary formulas or nutrition supplements through WIC or Medicaid may be able to get assistance through the CSHCN Program. Consult with a CSHCN Coordinator at the local health jurisdiction in the county the child resides for program information.


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