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Screening and Referral for Nutrition Concerns

Since children with special health care needs are at increased risk for nutrition-related problems, it is important that they receive screening to identify any problems. When a nutrition concern is identified, primary health care providers or educators should refer the child and family for nutrition services or resources.

Nutrition Screening

Nutrition screening policies and tools ensure that children with nutrition risks are identified, monitored, and given intervention or resources. There are a variety of screening tools that can be used in primary care settings, community clinics, or early intervention programs. Some examples of these include:

Getting Connected: Nutrition Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs, is a 2-page pdf flyer that outlines nutrition risks, screening procedures, and nutrition referral locations in Washington State.

For a 2008 report on screening and nutrition services for children served by early intervention programs in Spokane County, see Nutrition Screening for Infants and Young Children with Special Health Care Needs: Spokane County, Washington.

Providers can find pediatric registered dietitians (RD) who serve children with special needs at the County Resource Lists from The Center for Children with Special Needs website. Many counties have a listing under a section called “Nutrition and Feeding”.


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