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Bright Futures
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Bright Futures

Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition

Bright Futures is a practical developmental approach to providing health supervision for children of all ages from birth through adolescence. The nutrition guide provides developmentally appropriate nutrition supervision guidelines, describes the role of health professionals in delivering nutrition services within the community and encourages partnerships among families and health professionals.

Pediatric Nutrition Care

Assuring Pediatric Nutrition in the Hospital & Community

This Web site provides general nutrition information related to children with special needs, including resources, continuing education and training, and information on the Pediatric Nutrition Consultation On-line listserve.

Pediatric Diet Manual

Pediatric Diet Manual of Clinical Dietetics, 2nd Edition. Nevin-Folino N. (Editor). American Dietetic Association, Chicago, IL. 2003 (828 pages).

This valuable resource for nutrition care of pediatric patients has been completely revised. New chapters and appendices include Support for the Breastfeeding Mother, Cultural Competence, Nutrition Management of Seizure Disorders, Nutrition Management of Cardiac Conditions, formula recipe charts with preparation and mixing instructions and Cultural Considerations in Medical Nutrition Therapy. An excellent reference for the pediatric community and a must for practitioners and pediatric departments.

To obtain a copy of this publication contact:

American Dietetic Association
Product # 405X
1-800-877-1600 ext 5000

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