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Assuring Pediatric Nutrition in the Hospital and Community

This annual 3-day course in Seattle, WA is for registered dietitians who see pediatric clients in their practices, but who have not had recent training in pediatric nutrition. It is based on a core curriculum, with emphasis on decision-making and evidence-based practice. Participants are included in the on-going Pediatric Nutrition Consultation On-Line listserve after completing the course.
This training is an excellent addition to the RD's Professional Development Portfolio and can be used to help document the dietitian's competencies with children of different ages as required by JCAHO.  Registration is limited to 30 participants to keep the training interactive.

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Washington State CSHCN Nutrition Network

Registered dietitians in this network have received specialized nutrition training for children with special health care needs. New members are selected for training by an application process based on a need for services in Washington. A two-day training session is held every two to three years at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. See CSHCN Nutrition Network Training for additional information.

National Conferences

There are several pediatric nutrition conferences, teleconferences and symposiums offered annually throughout the U.S., many supported by the Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Department of Health and Human Resources.  For current listings, see Assuring Pediatric Nutrition in the Hospital & Community and the Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group.

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