The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

April 3, 2020

Notice: Service Changes for CSSCR Remote Desktops

CSSCR Users,

About two years ago, the University of Washington instituted new rules around Windows Remote Desktop access to campus which required the use of a VPN to access these resources from off campus. CSSCR secured an exemption to this policy.

Due to a changing security environment as well as out of interest in further safeguarding CSSCR and wider UW resources from outside attacks, we are making the following changes:

  • CSSCR’s Remote Desktop systems have been moved to private IP addresses within the University. Future access to these resources will require the use of Husky OnNet, the UW’s VPN tool available at the included link.
  • To better align with campus-wide best practices, both Remote Desktop systems have undergone a name change:
    • Titus —> csscr-ts1
    • Otho —> csscr-ts2

These changes were accomplished as of around 1pm today, and all that is pending are some DNS entries necessary to rebuild a Remote Desktop stack. We anticipate both servers being available again for remote computing needs by 5pm tomorrow. These changes will also be reflected on our Remote Desktop page in short order

These changes have been abrupt, and we apologize for the short notice and changes in workflow that will be required as a result of them. Thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned on our website for further information.