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Crowned on 10/23/2011


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Campus Champion
Research Group (Winter 2011)
Developers (CSS Program)
Katerina Bodurova
Nathan Bowhay
Harrison Foro
Daniel Girodat
Jebediah Pavleas
Dmitry Ryzhkov
Artists (IAS Program)
Jemely Jayme
Jeremy Jayme
Anthony Hopkins
Photographs Courtesty of:
Linda Finkle
Kelvin Sung
Computing and Software Systems
Scott Berfield
Executive Producer
Center for Serious Play

The following scripts have been used with permission in various parts of the website.

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This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research under the Computer Gaming Curriculum in CS RFP, award numbers 15871 and 16531, and a grant from the Teaching & Scholarship Enhancement Project, University of Washington, Bothell.