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What is the map for? Back to Top

The map serves to showcase some of the features that may be found on campus and where they can be found relative to each other.

What are all these green dots? Back to Top

The green dots on the map represent the various locations on campus that you can conquer. Clicking on a dot will enable you to check in to that location, and give you a small tidbit of information about what sorts of things happen there.

What is the countdown for? Back to Top

The countdown is how much time is left until Judgement Day.

I found an error, bug, typo, etc. in the site or game. How do I report it? Back to Top

Please direct all e-mails concerning website defects and required maintainence to Professor Kelvin Sung at Thank You!

I am one of "Last Week's Conquerors." Will my score be erased next week? Back to Top

Yes, every week on Judgement Day the "Last Week's Conquerors" section of the site is updated. If you wish to remain in that part of the leaderboards, be sure to be the conqueror of your chosen location on the next Judgement Day.

I just clicked to Conquer Subway (or other location) and some random game started. What gives? Back to Top

This is the way Conquer the Campus works. When you attempt to conquer a location, you have to play one of our mini games to earn points towards that location.

Who's the dog? Back to Top

Ahem. Be glad Pixel didn't hear you say that. Pixel, our Husky Puppy, is the Mascot of Conquer the Campus and your guide whilst you are here.

How do I register? Back to Top

We offer two ways of registering with our site. Both can be found by clicking the "Register" link in the top right corner of the banner on any page. On that page, you can either choose to fill out the entire form, including password and captcha (to prove you're, ya know, human) or you can opt to register by using facebook. To do this, click the "Connect with Facebook" button and fill out your facebook account details. When prompted, please make sure to click "Allow" to correctly link our application, Conquer the Campus, with your account. When that's completed the bulk of the form will be filled out using details form your Facebook account. You must still choose a username however.

How do I log in? Back to Top

To log in, click the "Log In" link found near the upper right hand corner of the banner on every page. In the box that appears, fill out the e-mail and password you supplied during registration. If you registered using facebook, click the "Login with Facebook" button and enter your credentials there. Please do not attempt to use your Facebook credentials in our supplied Email and Password fields, they won't work.

How do I delete my account? Back to Top

Once you are signed in, there will be a "My Account" link near the upper right hand corner of the banner found on every page. Click that link to be directed to a page with Account Management controls. On this page is a box with a button that will delete your account.

I forgot my password. Back to Top

Don't worry, it happens to everyone at some point. If you've forgotten your password we can generate a new one and e-mail it to you. Simply click the "Forgot your password?" link found in the Log In box, enter your e-mail on the page that follows and press the reset button. A new password will be generated and e-mailed to you. Please allow up to five minutes for the e-mail to arrive.

How do I change my password? Back to Top

Once you are logged in, click the "My Account" link near the upper right hand corner of the banner. On the following Account Management screen, there will be controls to change your password. Please note however, that if you registered using Facebook you did not create a password for our site.

Is it free to register? Back to Top

Absolutely. Conquer the Campus is one of Professor Kelvin Sung's faculty research projects. It was built using slave labor, also known as tuition paying college students, and as such we will never ask for a dime from any potential users.

Can I change my username? Back to Top

We are not providing this functionality at this time. If you truly can not stand the name you chose, you can delete your account and re-register with a different username.

Will my first/last name or email be publicly shown if I register? Back to Top

No personal details are ever shown on the website except for the registration and account management pages. You will be identified by your username anywhere we need to refer to a specific user.

If I delete my account and decide to come back, will all my scores be saved? Back to Top

No. If you choose to leave the collective all evidence of your presence is wiped from our servers. Within the realm of Conquer the Campus you will cease to exist.

Having problems? Try these common solutions first. Back to Top

What is it? Back to Top

Conquer the Campus is a meta game in which you will play various mini games in an attempt to earn conquer points and conquer different locations around campus.

How do I play? Back to Top

To play Conquer the Campus, you must first register an account with us. Once that's out of the way, you'll want to check-in to a specific location. This is the location you'll be earning points for when you play Conquer the Campus. Earn enough points and you just may find your name on the leaderboards!

How do I check-in? Back to Top

Checking in is simple, and available in a number of different ways. First, you can click the check-in link located in the top-right of every page near Account Management. From that page you can select any of our locations in the drop down list and press the button to check in. Alternatively, you can click on any of the green dots on the Conquer Map on the home page, and then click the check-in button displayed on each location-specific page.

How do I win? Back to Top

You win by having more conquer points in a specific location than anyone else on Judgement Day.

What/When is Judgement Day? Back to Top

Judgement Day is when all conquer points are reset to zero, and the current conquerors are enshrined on the leaderboards for the next week. It occurs every week on Saturday at 11:59PM.

How is the conquer score determined? Back to Top

Each game has it's own unique translation function to turn your game score in to conquer points. These functions were developed after countless hours of play testing and should enable you to earn a similar amount of conquer points from each game, given a similar performance.

Does my conquer high score get submitted to the all time high score list? Back to Top

Yes, if you earn a high score while playing in Conquer the Campus mode, it will be posted to the leaderboards just the same as if you earned it while playing a normal game of Blitz mode from the Games page.

If I conquer the campus, where is my achievement displayed? Back to Top

There are two separate degrees to conquering the campus. If, at any point, you manage to have conquered all ten locations simultaneously, your name will appear in the Campus Champion throne . If on Judgement Day you have still managed to hold all ten locations, your name will be moved to the Campus Conqueror throne where it will not be replaced until someone else should accomplish the same feat.

Do I need to be a UWB student to play? Back to Top

Perhaps suprisingly, no you do not need to be a student. Anyone, anywhere, is free to register an account and attempt to Conquer the Campus!

Your games suck! Back to Top

Thank You! No really, we mean it, provided you're willing to go here and fill out one of the various surveys to tell us that we suck. We want this information in writing, to be saved for posterity and all. All surveys are 100% anonymous, so go hog wild without fear that it may affect your CSS450 grade.

Your games rock! Back to Top

Thank you! What'd be even nicer than hearing our games are amazing would be for you to fill out one of the surveys found here. Surveys are 100% anonymous.

I have comments, suggestions, or ideas for Conquer the Campus. Where can I submit them? Back to Top

For just such an occasion, we have provided a handy feedback page with a selection of various catalyst surveys you may take. If none of the surveys are proving satisfactory for the comments you wish to convey, you may always e-mail the man in charge directly. Professor Kelvin Sung,

I keep getting the same exact game over and over. What gives? Back to Top

Contrary to popular belief, randomness does in fact contain repeats. With only three possible games, it's highly likely you may draw the same game back-to-back. That being said, we do have measures in place to prevent people from exiting out of a game pre-maturely in hopes of getting one they're better at instead. So if you haven't been bothering to play your game all the way through until it closes on it's own, you need to start doing that.

When I attempt to conquer a location, nothing happens!? Back to Top

Take a look at the Troubleshooting section of this page for common solutions to this problem.

Where can I view my high score? Back to Top

If you are logged in, your high score can always be found on our Leaderboards Page. If you are not logged in, your score may still be found there if you have managed to place in the top twelve.

What is Blitz Mode? Back to Top

Blitz Mode is a fast paced game mode where you attempt to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds. This is the game mode that is launched when you attempt to Conquer the Campus.

What is Survival Mode? Back to Top

Surival Mode, unlike Blitz Mode, is not timed. Instead of the game ending after a set period of time has passed, the game will end when you lose. "When you lose" is different for each game, but each game is designed to get gradually but consistently harder. Your goal is to score as many points as possible before you lose.

Can I play games if I'm not signed in? Back to Top

Yes, all of our games are available to play in both blitz and survival modes without being signed in. However, you will be unable to earn a high score or a spot on the leaderboards.

What's with all the crow themes? Back to Top

The Bothell Campus of the University of Washington is home to a rather intriguing crow phenomenon (or infestation, whichever you prefer). Most days of the year hundreds of the birds can be found on campus circling the skies in swarms, perched in the trees, or decorating the rooftops. The incessant chatter they produce is really quite impressive, albeit unwelcome and distracting when you're trying to take a midterm.

Are UWB Match'Em, Crow Defense, and The Crow Whisperer the only mini-games you have? Back to Top

At present, yes, these are the only games that have been developed as part of the Conquer the Campus project.

Can I play on a smart phone? Back to Top

While you may attempt to, the website and games were not explicity designed or tested for use on mobile devices such as Smart Phones or iPads. Certain features of the site and games may work fine, some likely will not. Results will vary depending on your phone and what type of browser it has.

Is there a way to save my game in survival mode? Back to Top

At this time there is no pause or save functionality in any of the games.

How do I play? Back to Top

UWB Match'Em is a match-3 game. Your goal is to try and swap adjacent stones to create a match of 3-in-a-row (or more) either vertically or horizontally. There are no diagonal matches, sorry.

How do I win? Back to Top

You score points for every match you make according to two things: the size of the match, and your multiplier. To increase your multiplier, you simply need to keep making matches. With every match your multiplier goes up. Fail to make a match fast enough, and it will reset to zero.

In Blitz, your goal is to earn as many points as possible before the time limit of 60 seconds.

In Survival Mode, your goal is to earn as many points as possible before losing. You lose when there are no more possible matches on the board.

The key shows pictures of Huskies, but I've never seen one? Back to Top

If you've never seen a husky stone, it likely means you've never made a bad match to produce a crow stone. Huskies will only appear to help you chase off the wily crows.

How do I play? Back to Top

In Crow Defense, your goal is to scare away the crows by shining the spotlights on them before they have a chance to land on the buildings. To do this, simply click and hold on a light to turn it on. If you drag your mouse side-to-side while the mouse button is held down, you can rotate the light.

How do I win? Back to Top

In Blitz, your goal is to scare away as many crows as possible within the 60 second time frame.

In Survival, your goal is to survive the continuous onslaught of crows for as long as possible. You will lose this mode when twenty crows have made it past your lights and landed on the roof.

How do I play? Back to Top

In Crow Whisperer, it's your job to send out crows to poop on skateboarders. It will take a little time for the crow to reach its target and do its business so be sure to lead the targets a little bit. You send out your crows by simply clicking a spot in the game space where you wish them to poop. If you time it right, this poop will be falling just as a skateboarder crosses the spot. Yuck!

How do I win? Back to Top

In Blitz, you're trying to stop as many skateboarders as possible in the time frame allotted. Beware; pooping on innocent students or faculty will lower your score significantly.

In Survival, gameplay is much the same as in Blitz. You will lose this mode when twenty skaters make it all the way across the screen.

My question wasn't listed! Back to Top

If you have a question that isn't listed here, by no means does it imply your question is stupid or that you should be able to just figure it out. All it means is that nobody on the project team thought to ask it. You must be smarter than all of them. If you wish to have your question answered and included here, send an e-mail to Kelvin ( and it might have a snowball's chance in hell of happening.

Have a good day. Tell your friends!

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This work was supported in part by Microsoft Research under the Computer Gaming Curriculum in CS RFP, award numbers 15871 and 16531, and a grant from the Teaching & Scholarship Enhancement Project, University of Washington, Bothell.