CSS 506 Class Project Requirements / Specifications


Project Requirements can be expressed in variety of forms depending upon our approach to software development effort. In this assignment, you will be asked to express a subset of requirements in common forms related to the Esper Project that you initiated in the previous assignment.


Work as a group to identify interesting requirements for the Esper Project. You can use all sources from the previous assignment plus your own creativity based on the spirit and identified stakeholders for the project. Both essential (functional and non-functional) requirements and constraints should be identified. Your group should express requirements in the following forms:

All forms should be combined together into a single document submitted for each group. The single document can be submitted as HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, or related formats.

Bring to next class (following submission date), at least 7 printed copies of your document to share with other groups.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

Write at least one page of a formal requirement statements that you would expect to appear in a software requirement specification (SRS). The content that you create should appear as if it was taken as an excerpt from the middle of the document rather than trying to create an entire document. Templates for SRS documents can be found in the shared class notes.

Use Case Diagram

Draw a "complete" use case diagram that contains all of the use case scenarios that you have identified for the project. The use case diagram should use valid UML syntax and fit if possible on a single page. If multiple pages are required to express the model, there should be logical approach to the partitioning across the pages.

Use Case Scenario

Write a detailed use case scenario that explicitly defines the expectations of the system. The use case scenario should overlap with the functionality documented on your software requirements specifications artifact. Examples of use case scenarios are provided in the class notes.

User Stories

Translate the requirements from the software requirements specifications and use case scenario into agile requirements expressed as user stories. Note that some requirements may not make sense expressed as a user story because of the nature of the requirement or its level of detail. Templates / structure of user stories are provided in the class notes.