CSS 506 Class Project Final Project Plan

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The Final Plan for the Class Project should provide a final recommendation on your development plan to management. The Final Plan should address project management, feasibility, risk, and project approach for elicitation, elaboration, construction, and transition / deployment. This plan should embody and be justified with respect to using the best and most appropriate software engineering practices that will produce the highest quality outcomes within constraints of schedules and budgets and with the minimal risk.

The Final Plan should be written with management as the audience. It should take into account all aspects of software engineering that we have discussed in class over the course of quarter that you think are important to the project. All important practices selected should be explained not only based on context of usage but also from justification of its usage.

The Final Plan should collect and combine each of the previous rough drafts into a single document. The document should be composed of two major parts-- project planning proposal and appendices. The project planning proposal should be the recommended development plan to management while the appendices should contain your partial requirements artifacts. The project planning proposal should read as a single report written to management.

There is no minimal length, style, or format requirements other than the entire Final Plan should be a SINGLE digital document in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or related document format.