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CSS 506 Software Development Processes / Quiz

You may not use any resources in answering the questions. (25 Points - Front and Back)

Define the following terms. Acronyms need context / definition in addition to source words. (10 Points)

  1. throw-away prototype
  2. TDD
  3. SDLC
  4. stakeholder
  5. feature creep
  6. verification
  7. IP
  8. OSS
  9. RAD
  10. v-model

The “spiral” model might be a software process model that can be described as having “agility” without being “agile”. Defend this statement by describing ONE aspect of the “spiral” that shows “agility” and ANOTHER aspect that is clearly not “agile”. (6 points)

Describe, including using pictures, the “scrumfall” model and include its approach to framework and umbrella activities? (9 points)