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Linux Lab Accounts

This isn't official policy, as such. It's just the written version of how I'm running things.

Account Creation

Accounts are created based on an automatically generated report containing the UW NetIDs of students taking CSS classes. I'll make every effort to create accounts by the first day of each quarter, and periodically during the first week or so. Anyone who registers for a class after the 10th day of classes will have to ask me to add them manually.

Disk Quota

The standard amount of disk quota allotted to each student account is 1GB, with a hard limit at 1.1GB. If more is required, have your professor talk with Josh to arrange for an exception.

Inactive Accounts

When a student has not been registered for two successive quarters (three, if one of them is Summer), their account will be archived and deactivated. After another six months, the archive of their account will be deleted. If they register for another CSS class within the six month grace period, their account can be reinstated as it was.


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