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 Now, when the scanner sends you mail, it will automatically be moved to the "​Ricoh"​ folder. ​ Now, when the scanner sends you mail, it will automatically be moved to the "​Ricoh"​ folder. ​
 +===== Using Apple Mail =====
 +On a Mac using Apple'​s Mail program, you will also want to create a rule to place mail messages with scanner output into a special mailbox. The basic idea is the same as for Outlook; someday someone will add complete documentation here. One shortcut would be to scan one document to your email and select that message in your Inbox. That way, when you go to create the rule, the various fields will more-or-less auto-populate.
 +Assuming you now have a bunch of messages in their own mailbox in Mail, the next step is to output that entire mailbox. Select the mailbox and then the menu "​Mailbox/​Archive Mailbox..."​. Choose a destination to save it and click "​Save"​. Once Mail is done (which could be a while, if you have many megabytes of scans), there will be a directory created called "//​mailbox name//​.mbox"​. Inside that directory is a file called "​mbox";​ this is the same file as the one that the reconstruction utility described below, copies from the Outlook server. You can then use a modified version of that utility to extract all of the scanned documents. Basically, you just need to delete the lines that do the copying from the Outlook server (those before the line with ''​csplit'',​ though you'll likely want to retain the line ''​mkdir -p ~/​Ricoh''​),​ change the file name in the ''​csplit''​ command from ''​mailfile''​ to ''​mbox'',​ and you've got a script that will extract and assemble PDFs from Mail.
 ===== Scanning ===== ===== Scanning =====

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