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 ===== Getting Started ===== ===== Getting Started =====
-First, you will need to get Visual Studio ​2010 (VS). All CSS students can download Visual Studio 2010 to their personal computers ​for free via an e-mail from CSS giving you access to MSDNAAIf you did not receive this e-mail, contact ​the CSS office. Also, all computers on campus should have VS2010 installed. ​[[http://​e5.onthehub.com/​WebStore/​OfferingsOfMajorVersionList.aspx?​ws=b1888ac8-ef9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&​vsro=8&​pmv=540786e5-43e4-de11-a13b-0030487d8897&​cmi_mnuMain=bdba23cf-e05e-e011-971f-0030487d8897#​divMicrosoft_Visual_Studio_2010_Ultimate|VS2010 Direct Link (login required)]]+First, you will need to get Visual Studio ​Community 2015 (VSC). Microsoft provides VSC for free through [[https://​www.visualstudio.com/​en-us/​products/​visual-studio-community-vs.aspx | the Microsoft site]] or you can download it through ​the [[https://​e5.onthehub.com/​WebStore/​OfferingDetails.aspx?o=1d852f65-eb2e-e511-940e-b8ca3a5db7a1&​ws=b1888ac8-ef9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&​vsro=8 | UWB CSS Dreamspark subscription ​(login required)]]. If you have not received a registration email from DreamSpark please send an email to uwbstitl@uw.edu.
-{{ :​visual_studio_2010.png?​nolink&​500 |}}+Additionally all campus machines have Visual Studio Community 2015 installed.
-If there are no space constraints ​on your computer, download ​the Ultimate Edition as it contains many features that can be used in future CSS coursesTry to download this over wired connection as the size of the file can be very large.+{{ :​vs_community_2015_listing.png?​800 }} 
 +Because machines ​on campus are using VS Community you will need to use your @uw.edu email address to register the software ​the first time you use it. This is profile based registration so other users on the same machine will have to register individually. 
 +For some of the benefits of registering VSC under your account take a look at the [[https://​msdn.microsoft.com/​en-us/​library/​dn457348.aspx | MSDN Signing into Visual Studio]] page.
 ===== Creating a Project ===== ===== Creating a Project =====

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