Windows Lab Issues (Windows 7)

The Windows Lab in UW1-310 was upgraded to Windows 7 during the summer quarter interim, June 15 through 19. Not everything is back to normal yet. If you are missing programs or have found a program that doesn't work properly, please let me know either by adding to this page or by mailing me at jlarios @

Logging In

In order to log in with your UW NetID, you need to enter your username as your_login@netid (replacing “your_login” with your actual UW NetID). The “@netid” tells the system you're logging in with a UW NetID. Otherwise, it will try to log in to the UWB domain that faculty and staff have accounts on, but students don't.

There's a note about this when you press control-alt-delete to log in, but the text is fairly small and if you hit OK to continue without reading it, you might not be able to figure out how to log in.

Known Problems

  • Visual Studio 2010 broken on some machines (complains about needing SP1)
  • Zune software missing
  • VisioModeler missing (doesn't run in Windows7 without DLL replacement, see google)
  • JESS not installed
  • ArchStudio not installed
  • Windows Phone development environment may not work on all machines
  • What else?

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