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General Resources

This is an incomplete list of computing and software resources available to the UW community in general, and students taking CSS classes specifically. If there's something you want to do but don't know if it's available to you, please ask Josh ( before you buy anything; if nothing else, at least I can keep track of requests so I know if there's something we ought to be buying for everyone's use.

  • Email, Calendar, and Other Cloud Services:
    • Email and other Google services are available through Google Apps
    • Some cloud services, but not email for the moment, are available through Windows Live
    • For faculty and staff, email is also available through UW Deskmail. This service will likely be retired in the next few years, so if you aren't already using it, I don't recommend starting now.
    • Faculty and staff also have access to the UWB Exchange email/calendar system. For web access, visit
    • You have 5GB of file storage available through your U: Drive, a UW Seattle service.
  • Web publishing:
  • Database hosting with MySQL
  • Web-based polls and surveys, discussion boards, and file sharing are available through Catalyst Web Tools.
  • Some UWB courses used to have class sites on Blackboard, but that's being retired in favor of Canvas.
  • Software:
    • Sophos anti-virus software, free for use by UW students, faculty and staff on UW-owned and personally-owned computers
    • SPSS and Mathematica are available remotely (to students only, not faculty or staff) through Virtual Desktop Access.
    • Microsoft
      • The DreamSpark Program provides a number of Microsoft products for free to students of any academic institution. See the dreamspark software list or the program site itself for more details.
      • The CSS DreamSpark Premium Subscription (formerly known as MSDNAA), available to any student taking a CSS course, provides a much larger variety of Microsoft products for free. See the dreamspark premium software list or the program site itself for more details. As a CSS student, you will be sent instructions for logging in to the DreamSpark Premium site to your email address towards the beginning of each quarter. Please watch for this mail if you are interested in taking advantage of the program. If you have forgotten your username or password, or don't know if you have an account at DreamSpark yet, check out these instructions.
    • Adobe Creative Suite and SPSS Statistics software are available at a steep discount through the University Bookstore Tech Center. Look for the “UW Exclusive Software” link on that page. Endnote and Parallels are also available at a decent discount, and other software at a somewhat less impressive discount, through the bookstore – see the “Academic Software” link on the Tech Center's page.
    • Other software at academic prices, mainly for institutional use, can be found on the UWare site.
    • MATLAB software is available to students in the CSS Linux and Windows labs, and can be purchased at a discount for faculty who require it on their UW-owned desktops or laptops.
  • Hardware:
    • The University Bookstore sells PC hardware and Apple hardware at an academic discount. Be sure to check other retailers when buying hardware, as the bookstore doesn't always have the best prices.
  • Training:
    • Microsoft IT Academy offers online training in many Microsoft products, from basic Windows and Office skills to Exchange Server configuration and management.

This page is a work in progress. If you find a useful resource not mentioned here, please either log in and edit the page yourself or let Josh know so he can add it.


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