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-{{tag>​tomcat apache java jess css482}}+{{tag>​tomcat apache java jess css482 ​howto}}
 ====== Running Apache Tomcat ====== ====== Running Apache Tomcat ======
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 javac -classpath ../​../​../​../​lib/​jess.jar;​../​../​../​../​lib/​servlet-api.jar *.java javac -classpath ../​../​../​../​lib/​jess.jar;​../​../​../​../​lib/​servlet-api.jar *.java
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +If you get the example code from the textbook web site (accessible from the [[http://​courses.washington.edu/​css482/​|CSS 482 web site]], keep the ''​.class''​ files in the project directory, and are working on Linux or OS X, you can use the following modified ''​Makefile''​ to ease recompilation and reinstallation of your code:
 +.SUFFIXES:​ .java .class
 +build: HelloJess.class Hello.class
 + $(JAVAC) -classpath .:​$(JAVA_HOME)/​jre/​lib/​rt.jar:​$(CATALINA_HOME)/​lib/​servlet-api.jar:​$(JESS) $<
 +install: build
 + cp *.class $(CATALINA_HOME)/​webapps/​$(APPNAME)/​WEB-INF/​classes
 + rm -f *~ *.class
 +You will need to change ''​CATALINA_HOME''​ to be your tomcat installation directory (''​$(HOME)''​ refers to your home directory). After you edit a ''​.java''​ file, you can recompile and reinstall the new ''​.class''​ file using:
 +make install

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