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 {{ :​css-hw.jpg?​nolink&​ |}} {{ :​css-hw.jpg?​nolink&​ |}}
 +=====UW Bothell Computing and Software Services Wiki=====
 +Hello and welcome to the UW Bothell Computing and Software Systems Wiki! Here you can find information regarding some of our [[computing_resources|computing resources within CSS]] as well as information on how to [[connecting_to_the_linux_lab|connect to our Linux lab]] or how to access your [[dreamspark_account|Dreamspark Premium account]]. In order to find more information or to peruse the site please click on 'Site index' in the left column.
 +The CSS labs are supported by the STEM CSS Liaisons, David Guenther, Rafael Silva, and Blake Salvesen. If you have a support request related to the labs, or come across pages on this site that contain errors and/or are out of date, please send an email to <​uwbstitl@uw.edu>​.
 +=== STEM Liaison Drop-In Office Hours ===
 +In addition to the contact email the STEM Liaisons hold drop-in office hours from 3pm-5pm Monday through Thursday. Blake Salvesen will be available during those times and located in the CSS Windows or Linux lab.

The best way to find something here is to use the search box in the upper right or the site index link below.

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