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  • We <3 UWB's School of STEM! (2014/08/26 21:10)
    We ♥ UWB's School of STEM!

    STEM Staff End of Summer Lunch
    We <3 UWB's School of STEM!
  • (2014/08/20 21:27)

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    Exciting news for the entire University of Washington community: In its just-released 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has listed the UW at #15: And our schools of pharmacy and medicine ranked #3: This year we rose one spot in the overall rankings from the previous rank the UW had held for seven years in a row. It’s wonderful — if, perhaps, not surprising — to see us moving higher up the list. We have such a wonderful team of really terrific alumni, faculty, staff and students who are doing great work — and, most importantly, work that truly impacts the world and makes it a better place. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this achievement possible!
  • (2014/08/20 21:27)

    Web Development Scholarship
    A new scholarship program designed to facilitate a more diverse community of skilled creators in the tech.
  • Throwback Friday (2014/08/08 21:32)
    Throwback Friday

  • From USA Today, the top 10 highest paying college majors (of course, top X lists... (2014/08/07 16:30)
    From USA Today, the top 10 highest paying college majors (of course, top X lists are among the top tactics for clickbait). Basically, all of them are STEM, and not surprisingly 4 out of 10 are computing-related.

    Top 10 highest paying college majors
    College Factual's rankings suggest these average starting salaries are big incentive to study in these fields.
  • Congratulations to Prof. Brent Lagesse, who just earned a $300,000 Secure and Tr... (2014/07/30 18:30)
    Congratulations to Prof. Brent Lagesse, who just earned a $300,000 Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace grant from the National Science Foundation to support his cybersecurity research and student outreach! His project will develop a cybersecurity program designed to attract and educate Native students while also furthering the state of the art in cloud computing research. In order to increase attendance and retention, this proposed work will focus on established indicators shown to correlate to success in Native students in higher education. The University of Washington Bothell will design two courses to be taught at the Toppenish school district leveraging cloud computing capabilities to extend a high-power virtual lab to the school district. These courses will focus on scenarios devised in virtual environments to provide hands-on education of practical aspects of cybersecurity. The technical side of this project will establish a virtual lab that utilizes current hardware capabilities of the University of Washington Bothell and enhances them with novel research in cloud computing to automatically generate virtual networks and systems based on assignment goals. It is the goal of this project to provide a community-building and educational experience that will engage a diverse set of students and teachers in such a way as to enhance the opportunity for success for students while simultaneously enhancing the state of the art in cloud computing systems.
  • (2014/07/30 17:31)

    Timeline Photos
    Our own spa experience right on campus! Our runnels were working at top speed yesterday after our welcome summer rain. Now where do we sign up for massage?

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