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 ===== Getting Started ===== ===== Getting Started =====
-First, you will need to get Visual Studio ​Community 2015 (VSC). Microsoft provides VSC for free but you will need a Microsoft Live account or your NetID to activate ​the install.+First, you will need to get Visual Studio ​2010 (VS). All CSS students can download Visual Studio 2010 to their personal computers ​for free via an e-mail from CSS giving ​you access ​to MSDNAA. If you did not receive this e-mail, contact ​the CSS officeAlso, all computers on campus should have VS2010 installed. [[http://​e5.onthehub.com/​WebStore/​OfferingsOfMajorVersionList.aspx?​ws=b1888ac8-ef9b-e011-969d-0030487d8897&​vsro=8&​pmv=540786e5-43e4-de11-a13b-0030487d8897&​cmi_mnuMain=bdba23cf-e05e-e011-971f-0030487d8897#​divMicrosoft_Visual_Studio_2010_Ultimate|VS2010 Direct Link (login required)]]
 {{ :​visual_studio_2010.png?​nolink&​500 |}} {{ :​visual_studio_2010.png?​nolink&​500 |}}

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