Center for Curriculum Transformation

Faculty Senate Resolution on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

May 23, 1996

Whereas the Faculty Senate supports in principle the central purpose of the Cultural and Ethnic Diversity requirement: to expand each student's ability to think critically about issues of diversity, and Whereas the extended debate surrounding the proposed requirement has evidenced a broad faculty consensus that the curriculum of the University should provide a rich array of courses that explicate those issues; Now therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate recommend:

  • That the faculty of each Department, School and College review its curriculum:
    • To ensure that the existence of a broad spectrum of courses that contribute to each student's ability to think critically about issues of diversity.
    • If necessary, to develop a plan to enhance or revise its curriculum in order to attain its definition of that goal.
  • That the President mandate the Deans and Directors of Colleges and Schools to facilitate and support such curriculum reviews and to report to the Provost concerning those reviews and any curricular needs thus identified by June 15, 1997
  • That the administration provide funds required to support new curricular initiatives of Departments, Colleges and Schools as a result of these plans.

Prepared as a possible substitute to any Senate motion regarding the Proposed Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Requirement by:

  • Philip Bereano, Senator, Group VI
  • Richard Ladner, Senator, Group VI
  • Joan Martin, Senator, Group VII
  • Gail Stygall, Senator, Group I