Center for Curriculum Transformation

Faculty Participants

Below is a list of faculty members and graduate students who have participated in Center seminars and the courses or resources they developed.

José Alaniz, Slavic Languages & Literatures; Comparative Literature
RUS 420/C LIT 496: The Politics of Death – Eastern Europe, The Americas; Illness, Death, and Disability in Modern Europe

David Allen, Chair, Women Studies; Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 202: Difference and Identity on a University Campus; NURS 550: White Privilege and Racism in Health and Human Services

Ann Anagnost, Anthropology
ANTH 202: Principles of Sociocultural Anthropology

Mary Lou Balassone, Social Work

Gerald Baldasty, Interim Dean and Vice Provost, The Graduate School; Communication
COM 489: Women, Minorities, and the Media (Now titled: Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, and the Media)

Kimberly Barrett, Psychology
PSYCH 306: Developmental Psychology

Amy Bhatt, Women Studies
Common Book Study Note: Unequal Global Exchange: Colonization, Politics, and Economics

Laada Bilaniuk, Anthropology
ANTH 303: Anthropology of Popular Culture

Rick Bonus, American Ethnic Studies; Director, Diversity Minor & Curriculum Transformation for College of Arts & Sciences
AAS 300: Contemporary Pacific Islander American Communities; AES 151: Introduction to the Social Structures & Cultures of American Ethnic Groups

Sharan Brown, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Disability Studies
LSJ 443/CHID 489F: Disability, Law, Policy, and Communities

Patricia Campbell, Music Education
Ethnomusicology in Schools

Alejandro Cerón Valdés, Anthropology
Diverse Responses to Health Problems Around The World: A Resource and Study Guide

Anthony Chan, Communication
CMU 428: Communication in Asian and Pacific American Diasporic Communities

Rachel Chapman, Anthropology
Introduction to Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Kenneth C. Clatterbaugh, Chair, Philosophy
PHIL 110: Social Philosophy (Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy)

Angela Close, Anthropology
ARCHY 420: Archaeology and Social Difference

Katrina Deines, Director, Rome Center; Associate Dean, Architecture
ARCH 150: Appreciation of Architecture

Robin DiAngelo, Social Work
SOC W 599/FAMED 545 Disability/Diversity: Learning in Action. With Jeannette Franks

Christine Di Stefano, Political Science
POLS 313: Women and Politics (Women in Politics); POLS 310: Western Tradition of Political Thought, Modern

Katarzyna Dziwirek, Slavic Languages and Literatures
SLAVIC 450: The Language of Human Emotions: Ethnicity, Culture and Gender

Eugene Edgar, Education
Port Elizabeth Study Abroad Program: Identity, Conflict, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness

Mark Ellis, Geography
GEOG 310: Immigrant America : Trends And Policies from a Geographical Perspective; GEOG 439: Gender, Race, and the Geography of Employment in American Cities; GEOG 479: Race, Ethnicity and the American City

Kim England, Geography
GEOG 342: Geography of Inequality

Pauline Erera, Social Work

Betsy Evans, Linguistics
Language in Society

Lauro Flores, Chair, American Ethnic Studies; Spanish & Portuguese Studies; Latin American Studies; The Self and the Other: Chicano Autobiographies

Rochelle Fonoti, Anthropology
Exploration Seminar: Exploring Samoa —At the Crossroads of Island Living and Global Flows

Jeannette Franks, Social Work
SOC W 599/FAMED 545 Disability/Diversity: Learning in Action. With Robin DiAngelo

Kathie Friedman, International Studies
JSIS/WOMEN 348: Global Migration and Identity; Jewish Diaspora in Comparative Perspective; SIS 325: Immigration

Erasmo Gamboa, American Ethnic Studies
AES 150: History of American Ethnic Groups

Angelina Godoy, Jackson School of International Studies & Law, Societies & Justice
POLS 322: Violence, Law, Democracy & Gender in Latin America

Sara Goering, Philosophy
PHIL 409: Philosophy of Disability; Common Book Study Note: Moral Obligation in Mountains Beyond Mountains: What Are Our Responsibilities to Strangers? With Audrey Young; Co-director, Disbility Studies Curriculum Transformation Seminar, 2006

James W. Green, Anthropology

James Gregory, History
HSTAA 105: Peoples of the United States

Michelle Habell-Pallan, American Ethnic Studies
Director, 2000 Center seminar, Transforming Public and Academic Cultures

Jane Huntington, Family Medicine
Common Book Study Note: Poverty and Health

Nancy Jecker, Department of Medical Ethics and History
Common Book Study Note: Are We Responsible for the Suffering of Others?

Richard R. Johnson, History
Seminar Convener, Teaching American Pluralism in the Humanities; HSTAA 101: U.S. History Survey; HSTAA 409: American Social History: The Early Years

Christopher Jones, Jackson School of International Studies
SIS 421: National Security and International Affairs

Ralina L. Joseph, Communication
Representing the Globally Marginalized

Moon-Ho Jung, History
HSTAA 230: Race and Power in America , 1861-1940

Miriam Kahn, Anthropology
Exploration Seminar: Exploring Samoa —At the Crossroads of Island Living and Global Flows

Rebecca Kang, Psychosocial & Community Health

Donna Kerr, Education
Pedagogy: Interactive Reading of Autobiographies and Novels

Nancy J. Kenney, Psychology; Women Studies
PSYCH/WOMEN 257: Psychology of Gender

Eunjung Kim, Family & Child Nursing
Exploration Seminar: Seoul, Korea

Jürg Koch, Dance
DANCE 490 Integrated Dance History and Methodology

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell
BIS 322: Performance and Transnationalism; Common Book Study Note:  Understanding Citizenship

Ron Krabill, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell
Common Book Study Note:  Service, Activism, and Mountains Beyond Mountains

Selim Kuru, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

Dennis Lang, Disability Studies
Co-director, Disbility Studies Curriculum Transformation Seminar, 2006

Celia Lowe, Anthropology
ANTH 228: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Anthropology; ANTH 289: Identities: A Service Learning Course

Michael McCann, Director, Law, Societies & Justice
LSJ 420/POLS 405: Politics of Rights; LSJ 363: Law, Society & Justice in Society

Robert Tracy McKenzie, History
HSTAA 302: American Civilization, First Century of Independence

Katharyne Mitchell, Chair, Geography
GEOG 295A/490: Freshman Seminar on Citizenship, Education, and Identity; Migration and Asylum; GEOG/SIS 344: Migration in the Global Economy

Linda Nash, History
HSTAA 413: The Western U.S. : Race, Environment, and Mythology

Arzoo Osanloo, Anthropology & Law, Societies & Justice
LSJ 421/ANTH 469F: Human Rights and Women’s Rights in Global Perspective; LSJ 425/ANTH 495: Seeking Refuge: Perspectives on U.S. Asylum Law

Uta G. Poiger, History
SISJE 269: The Holocaust: History and Memory. With Sarah Stein

Priti Ramamurthy, Women Studies
Director, Center seminar on Teaching Transnational Perspectives, 2004; ANTH/SISSA/WOMEN 339 and 539: Social Movements in South Asia

Deirdre Raynor, Interdisciplinary Arts And Sciences, UW Tacoma
African American Autobiography

Georgia Roberts, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, Bothell: Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
CHID Study Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

Carole A. Schroeder, Psychosocial & Community Health
NURS 407: Culture, Diversity and Nursing Practice

Jane M. Simoni, Psychology
Common Book Study Note: HIV, AIDS, and the "Great Epi Divide"

Caroline Chung Simpson, English
ENG 368A: Asian American Women Writers

Roger Simpson, Communication
COM XXX: Media History; COM XXX: Journalism & Journalism History

Nikhil Singh, History
HSTAA 235: The American People and Their Culture in the Modern Era; HSTAA 590: Imperialism in Theory and History

Sue Sohng, Social Work

Matt Sparke, Geography
Common Book Study Note:  Globalization and Paul Farmer’s Reframing of Care

Clarence Spigner, Health Services
HSERV 480: Issues in Public Health; HSERV 510: Health & Society

Sarah Stein, History
SISJE 269: The Holocaust: History and Memory. With Kathie Friedman

Sharon E. Sutton, Urban Design & Planning
Undergraduate Design Studio, Experience of Place

Anupama Taranath, English
Facilitator, 2008 Global Learning Seminar; ENGL 368B: Women Writers, South Asia ; ENGL 334A: Colonial Discourse and Imperial Literatures; AES 404/WOMEN 404: Critical Race, Gender, and Class Pedagogies; Common Book Study Note: Difference, Identity and Power

Janelle Taylor, Anthropology
ANTH 474: Social Difference and Medical Knowledge; Disability Studies: Culture, Power, and Disability;
Common Book Study Note: Explaining Difference: "Culture," "Structural Violence," and Medical Anthropology

Crispin Thurlow, Communication
Intercultural Communication (with a focus on class)

John Toews, History
CHID 390: Interpretations of Texts and Cultures

Manka Varghese, Curriculum & Instruction
Exploration Seminar:  Immigration, Education, and Identity in Italy

Debbie Ward, Psychosocial & Community Health
NURS 303: Introduction to Professional Nursing

Alys Weinbaum, English
English 490 Study Abroad: Pasts and Present of Multicultural Britain

Debbie Wiegand, Chemistry
CHEM 160: Introduction to Chemistry

Daniel Winterbottom, Landscape Architecture
Design/Build Study Abroad Program:  Guatamala & Bosnia

Suzanne Withers, Geography
GEOG 245: Population Distribution and Migration

Joanne Woiak, Disability Studies
BIS 393A Special Topics: Biology and Society

Shawn Wong, English
Asian American Literature and Criticism

Nancy Woods, Family & Child Nursing
NURS 531: Seminar in Women’s Health Care

Shirley J. Yee, Women Studies
WOMEN 383: Social History of American Women

Audrey Young, General Internal Medicine
Common Book Study Note: Moral Obligation in Mountains Beyond Mountains: What Are Our Responsibilities to Strangers? With Sara Goering