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This page offers an introduction to resources on contemporary immigration policy and politics in the United States. Click on a link below to jump to that section or page.

Data and Facts about Immigration

The Process of Immigration and Naturalization

Scholarly Research on Immigration to the U.S.

Luis Fraga. “Building Through Exclusion: Anti-Immigrant Politics in the United States” (pdf)

Samuel Huntington. “The Hispanic Challenge.” Foreign Policy, April 2004

Luis Fraga and Gary Segura. “Culture Clash? Contesting Notions of American Identity and the Effects of Latin American Immigration.” Perspectives on Politics, June 2006

Frank Bean, Susan Brown, Ruben Rumbaut. “Mexican Immigrant Political and Economic Incorporation.” Perspectives on Politics, June 2006

Kim Geron, Enrique de la Cruz, Leland T. Saito, Jaideep Singh. “Asian Pacific Americans—Social Movements and Interest Groups.” PS: Political Science and Politics, Sept 2001

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