Center for Curriculum Transformation


The Center collaborates with the UW Teaching Academy and the Teaching/Learning Consortium to offer workshops for faculty and staff on diversity topics. The Center can develop and run workshops upon request for departments and recommend speakers and consultants to assist in curriculum transformation.

Examples of Workshops

Exploring Diversity Through Writing

Writing assignments represent a powerful way to infuse the study of diversity into courses across the curriculum. Presenters will share ideas and examples of engaging diversity through writing, including ways to explore multiple perspectives on topics and ways to use personal, reflective writing. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own ideas and examples to share with colleagues.

Anis Bawarshi, Associate Professor, Department of English
Betty Schmitz, Director, Center for Curriculum Transformation
Anu Taranath, Senior Lecturer, Department of English

Infusing Global Learning Goals into the Curriculum

This workshop featured examples from different disciplines on how to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values to address pressing global issues. Presenters focused on curricular content that transcends the traditional boundaries between the "global" and the "local," by linking US diversity with diversity issues in other countries. Strategies for dealing with difficult dialogues in the classroom were covered.  Presenters: Rick Bonus, American Ethnic Studies; Anu Taranath, English; Crispin Thurlow, Communication; Daniel Winterbottom, Landscape Architecture.

Race in the Classroom

This workshop provided participants an opportunity to explore pedagogical questions raised by the study of race in the classroom within the institutional context of the University of Washington. Participants discussed what diverse students say about their learning experiences at UW. A panel of faculty members addressed how they have integrated the study of race into their courses and suggest pedagogical strategies for dealing with power and privilege in the classroom. In addition, participants discussed critical incidents in the classroom and their resolution. Presenters: Rick Bonus, American Ethnic Studies; Stephanie Camp, History; Chandan Reddy, English.

Diversity in the Classroom

In this workshop, participants developed an understanding of how underrepresented students view and experience the classroom and general UW climate and discussed faculty roles and responsibilities for addressing diversity in the classroom. Participants analyzed and discussed classroom scenarios representing critical diversity issues and learn about new resources for improving teaching in diverse classrooms. Presenters: Luis Fraga, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement & Political Science; Betty Schmitz, Center for Curriculum Transformation.