CTP Policy Briefs

One of the Center's chief goals is to offer timely and useful information concerning efforts to improve the quality of teaching to national, state, and local policy communities. The Teaching Quality Policy Brief series is one vehicle for accomplishing this purpose. Issued periodically throughout the year, these briefs summarize Center working papers, reports, occasional papers, and other research products.

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  1. Building Instructional Quality and Coherence in San Diego City Schools: System Struggle, Professional Change
    Policy Brief 9, September 2003.
  2. Understanding Reading Test Failure: Challenges for State and District Policy
    Policy Brief 8, July 2003.
  3. The Organization of Schools as an Overlooked Source of Underqualified Teaching
    Policy Brief 7, December 2002.
  4. What School Districts Spend on Professional Development
    Policy Brief 6, November 2002.
  5. San Diego City Schools: Comprehensive Reform Strategies at Work
    Policy Brief 5, February 2002.
  6. Connecticut's Story: A Model of State Teaching Policy
    Policy Brief 4, June 2001.
  7. A Different Approach to Solving the Teacher Shortage Problem
    Policy Brief 3, authored by Richard Ingersoll, January 2001.
  8. State Teaching Policies and Student Achievement
    Policy Brief 2, December 1999.
  9. State Action to Improve Teaching
    Policy Brief 1, December 1999.