BIOEN 488/588
Computational Protein Design
Winter Quarter 2018

Class Time and Place

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:20 pm
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 11:20 - 12:00 pm
Labs: Fridays 11:00-2:00 pm
Location: BIOE N140


Professor Valerie Daggett

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday after class in N140 11:20-12:00 pm

Teaching Assistant

Matt Childers


Labs will be held weekly in BIOE N140, the Bioengineering Advanced Computer Lab. Weeks 1-5 will be spent working on 5 1-week labs, each of which will help familiarize you with computational biology tools. Each lab will be due at the beginning of lab the following week. Weeks 6-10 will be spent working on a project which will depend on which class the student is enrolled in. Week 10 will be presentations.


488 Students: The final 5 weeks of lab will be a design lab that incorporates the tools from the first set of labs but is more self directed. You will have 5 weeks to complete the project and prepare a final paper in journal format. There will be no presentation, but you are expected to attend your classmates' presentations.

588 Students: The final 5 weeks of lab will be spent working on a project of your design. You come up with the topic, research it and make sure it is feasible. The topic needs to be approved by the instructor. You will have 5 weeks to work on the project and prepare a final paper in journal format and presentation describing your project and the results. During the final week of class you will presenting your findings to your classmates.


4 Lab Progress Reports plus one Final Report
1 Project (488: Paper; 588: Paper and Presentation)
1 Literature Review Paper Presentation

Lab Reports: 30%
Project: 50%
Participation: 10%
Literature Review: 10%

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