Course Schedule

Posted readings will be discussed during the session they are posted for, so read them ahead of time. Prepare your reviews of the paper ahead of time (2 pgs max), print them, and bring them to the class when the paper is to be discussed. This will be done for two sessions: 10/14/13 and 11/25/13.

The class will be held in the Fishery Sciences Building, FSH 108. Class time is 2:30 - 4:20 PM.

Examples of Real Reviews

Session 1, Mon 9/30: Introduction

Session 2, Mon 10/7: Suzie Pun: Molecular Targeting

Session 3, Mon 10/14: Valerie Daggett: Protein Engineering and Design

Session 4, Mon 10/21: Buddy Ratner: Engineered Materials

Session 5, Mon 10/28: Chuck Murry: Molecular Engineering

Session 6, Mon 11/4: Xiaohu Gao: Targeted siRNA delivery

Session 7, Mon 11/11: Holiday, no class

Session 8, Mon 11/18: James Bryers: Molecular Engineering

Session 9, Mon 11/25: Herbert Sauro: Systems Biology and Engineering

Session 10, Mon 12/2 : Dan Ratner: Glycomics