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Thomas Fleming, PhD

  • Professor and Chair, Biostatistics
  • University of Washington

Dr. Fleming has had considerable involvement with the local Seattle AIDS research community as a biostatistical collaborator, consultant, and co-investigator. He has assisted Dr. King Holmes, Director of the UW Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). He is Director of the Biostatistics/ Epidemiology Core of CFAR, working in close collaboration with the Associate Director, Dr. James Hughes. He has worked locally and nationally with Dr. Larry Corey. He has developed a collaborative relationship with Dr. William Lafferty, head of the clinical research program jointly coordinated by Washington State and the CDC. He has collaborated with Dr. Grace John-Stewart on clinical research from the International AIDS Research Program, and has served as chair of the DSMB of her major Phase III randomized trials evaluating the role of breast-feeding in perinatal HIV transmission and the microbicide nonoxynol-9 in sexual transmission.

Selected Publications

Yang P, Fleming TR. Simultaneous use of weighted logrank and standardized Kaplan-Meier statistics. J Biopharm Stat. 2006; 16(2): 241-52.
PubMed Abstract

Fleming TR. Standard vs. adaptive monitoring procedures: a commentary. Stat Med. 2006; 25(19): 3305-12.
PubMed Abstract

Jackson JB, Parsons T, Musoke P, Nakabiito C, Donnell D, Fleming TR, et al. Association of cord blood nevirapine concentration with reported timing of dose and HIV-1 transmission. AIDS. 2006; 20(2): 217-22.
• PubMed Abstract

MacMillan ML, Couriel D, Weisdorf DJ, Schwab G, Havrilla N, Fleming TR, et al. A phase 2/3 multicenter randomized clinical trial of ABX-CBL versus ATG as secondary therapy for steroid-resistant acute graft-versus-host disease. Blood. 2007; 109(6): 2657-62.
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