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Robert Harrington, MD

  • Professor of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Director, Clinical Research Core, Center for AIDS Research (UW/FHCRC)
  • University of Washington
  • Medical Director, Madison Clinic
  • Associate Section Chief, Infectious Diseases
  • Harborview Medical Center

Dr. Harrington is a Professor of Medicine in the clinician teacher pathway at the University of Washington. He is also the Medical Director of the Harborview Madison (HIV) Clinic, Director of the UW CFAR Clinical Research Core and HIV Specimen Repository, and Section Chief of Infectious Diseases at Harborview Medical Center. He attends on the general medicine, infectious diseases and HIV services at Harborview Medical Center and lectures frequently on a variety of HIV and infectious diseases topics. He is a recipient of the Beeson and Turck awards for teaching. His interests are in general infectious diseases, clinical HIV and translational HIV research. He's published over 50 manuscripts and book chapters on HIV and infectious diseases. His current research interests are in HIV cure and developing IT programs to enable observational research on infectious diseases encountered in the course of clinical care.

Selected Publications

Lee ES, Harrington RD, Black A, Tarczy-Hornoch P.  2014. Characterizing secondary use of clinical data.  Joint Summits on Translational Science Proceedings.

Bove J, Golden MR, Dhanireddy S, Harrington RD, Dombrowski JC. 2014.  Outcomes of a Clinic-Based, Surveillance-Informed Intervention to Relink Patients to HIV care. JAIDS

Sarah J McDougal, Jeremiah Alexander, Shireesha Dhanireddy, Robert D Harrington, Joanne D Stekler.  2014.  Non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV: 10-year retrospective analysis in Seattle. PLoS One: 9(8):e105030
PubMed Abstract

Chung MH, Severynen AO, Hals MP, Harrington RD, Spach DH, Kim HN. Offering an American graduate medical HIV course to health care workers in resource-limited settings via the Internet. PLoS One. 2012; 7(12): e52663.
PubMed Abstract

Dombrowski JC, Harrington RD, Golden MR. Evidence for the long-term stability of HIV transmission-associated sexual behavior following HIV diagnosis. Sex Transm Dis. 2013; 40(1): 41-5.
PubMed Abstract

Achenbach C, Harrington RD, Dhanireddy S, Casper C, Kitahata M. Paradoxical immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV-infected patients treated with combination antiretroviral therapy after AIDS-defining opportunistic infection. Clin Infect Dis. 2012; 54(3): 424-33.
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