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Contact Information

John D. Scott, MD, MSc

    Associate Professor, Medicine
    University of Washington
    Medical Director, Telehealth
    Associate Director,
    Hepatitis and Liver Clinic
    Harborview Medical Center

Dr. Scott's research focuses on viral hepatitis, diseases which have dramatic implications for the health of Americans. Hepatitis C affects nearly 4 million Americans and 170 million worldwide. It is responsible for the doubling of liver cancer in the last decade and is the primary indication for liver transplantation. Hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable infection afflicting 1 million in the US and 400 million in the world. Fortunately, therapy for hepatitis C is improving rapidly; Dr. Scott has an active research program with novel antivirals, in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Using mathematical models, Dr. Scott studied the viral kinetics of hepatitis C on therapy and has modeled the impact of screening all Americans born between 1945-1964. He has partnered with several regional biotechnology companies for the development of novel screening and resistance assays for viral hepatitis. In 2009, he launched Project ECHO in Washington State. This innovative telehealth program helps clinicians serving in rural and underserved areas with the evaluation and treatment of hepatitis C. Project ECHO has expanded to include teleconferences in chronic pain, psychiatry, addictions, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS. In 2013, he became the first medical director for telehealth at the UW.

Selected Publications

Scott JD, Gretch DR. Molecular diagnostics of hepatitis C virus infection: A systematic review; JAMA 2007; 297: 724-732.
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Scott JD, Holte S, Urban T, Burgess C, Coppel E, Wang C, Corey L, McHutchison J, Goldstein D.; IL28B genotype effects during early treatment with peginterferon and ribavirin in difficult to treat hepatitis C virus infection. J Infect Dis 2011; 204:419-25.
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Schiffer JT, Scott J, Corey L. Fighting a defiant virus.  Nature Med 2011; 17:253-4.
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Coffin P, Scott J, Sullivan S, Golden M. Cost-effectiveness and population outcomes of general population screening for hepatitis C. ; Clin Infect Dis (in press).
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Scott J, Unruh K, Catlin MC, et al. Project ECHO: A model for complex, chronic care in the pacific northwest of the United States. J Telemed Telecare. 2012; 18(8): 481-4.
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Ioannou GN, Bryson CL, Weiss NS, Miller R, Scott JD, Boyko EJ. The prevalence of cirrhosis and HCC in patients with HIV infection. Hepatology 2013; 57:249-57.
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