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Judd L. Walson, MD, MPH

  • Associate Professor, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, Department of Pedriatics,
    and Department of Epidemiology
  • Co-Director, AIDS Associated Infections and Malignancies Scientific Working Group, CFAR
    University of Washington
  • Co-Director, Strategic Analysis, Research and Training Program (START)

Judd Walson, MD, MPH is a faculty member at the University of Washington in the Departments of Global Health, Internal Medicine (Infectious Disease), Pediatrics and Epidemiology. Dr. Walson conducts clinical trials evaluating the treatment and prevention of intestinal worms, malaria and diarrheal disease in delaying HIV progression. He is also conducting a large 5 year study examining the epidemiology of non-typhoidal salmonella as a cause of diarrheal disease and bacteremia among children in Africa.

Dr. Walson has lived and worked in many international settings, including Kenya, Thailand and Nepal. In addition to clinical epidemiology, Dr. Walson is the co-Director of the Strategic Analysis, Research and Training Program (START) at the University of Washington. He also serves as the co-Director of the AIDS Associated Infections and Malignancies Scientific Working Group in the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at the University of Washington.

Opportunities to collaborate:

  • Ongoing studies of diarrheal disease in children in Kenya
  • Ongoing studies of the human microbiome and nutrition
  • Ongoing studies of environmental enteropathy in Kenya and Bangladesh

  • Selected Publications

    Onchiri FM, Pavlinac PB, Singa BO, Naulikha JM, Odundo EA, Farquhar C, Richardson BA, John-Stewart G, Walson JL. Frequency and correlates of malaria over-treatment in areas of differing malaria transmission: a cross-sectional study in rural Western Kenya. Malar J. 2015 Mar 1;14(1):97.
    PubMed Abstract

    Pavlinac PB, John-Stewart GC, Naulikha JM, Onchiri FM, Denno DM, Odundo EA, Singa BO, Richardson BA, Walson JL. High-risk enteric pathogens associated with HIV infection and HIV exposure in Kenyan children with acute diarrhea. AIDS. 2014 Sep 24; 28(15):2287-96.
    PubMed Abstract

    Walson JL, Sangaré LR, Singa BO, Naulikha JM, Piper BK, Yuhas K, Onchiri FM, Otieno PA, Mermin J, Zeh C, Richardson BA, John-Stewart G. Evaluation of impact of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets and a point-of-use water filters on HIV-1 disease progression in Kenya. AIDS. 2013 Jun 1;27(9):1493-501.
    PubMed Abstract

    Walson J, Singa B, Sangaré L, Naulikha J, Piper B, Richardson B, Otieno PA, Mbogo LW, Berkley JA, John-Stewart G. Empiric deworming to delay HIV disease progression in adults with HIV who are ineligible for initiation of antiretroviral treatment (the HEAT study): a multi-site, randomized trial. Lancet Infect Dis. 2012 December 12;(12):925-32.
    PubMed Abstract

    Walson JL, Brown ER, Otieno PA, Mbori-Ngacha DA, Wariua G, Obimbo EM, Bosire RK, Farquhar C, Wamalwa D, John-Stewart GC. Morbidity among HIV-1 infected mothers in Kenya: prevalence and correlates of illness during 2-year postpartum follow-up. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2007 Oct 1; 46(2):208-215.
    PubMed Abstract

    Walson JL, Otieno PA, Mbuchi M, Richardson BA, Lohman-Payne B, Macharia SW, Overbaugh J, Berkley J, Sanders EJ, Chung MH, John-Stewart GC. Albendazole treatment of HIV-1 and helminth co-infection: a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. AIDS. 2008 Aug 20;22(13)1601-9.
    PubMed Abstract

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