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A & I Fellowship - Program Schedule

Years 2 and 3

In general, the schedules for the Allergy and Immunology program, which run from July of a given year through June of the next year, look like this:

Year 1 July - June
  UWMC / SCH / NAAC Outpatient Clinics
Years 2 and 3 July - June
  Research and Continuity Clinics


Weekly Schedule

In general, the weekly schedule looks like this:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Electives Adult/Peds Immunology Clinic (SCH) Adult Allergy Clinic (UWMC) Peds Allergy Clinic (NAAC) Adult/Peds Allergy Clinic (NAAC)
PM Adult Allergy Clinic (UWMC) Adult/Peds Immunology Clinic (SCH) Didactics Adult Allergy Clinic (UWMC) Adult/Peds Allergy Clinic (UWMC/NAAC)


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