The D Center is hiring!

We have an opening in one of our positions:

– D Center Media and Publications Coordinator

For more information regarding job descriptions and applications, please visit

HuskyJobs ( and type in:

– 80893 for Media and Publications Coordinator

Media and Publications Coordinator (78851):

  • Interpreter accommodations:
    • Request interpreters / captioners / other accommodations from DSO
      • Records on the spreadsheet on Google Drive
      • Request 10 days in advance
      • Specify the information:
        • Date, time, place
        • Duration needed
        • Kinds of accommodations needed:
          • ASL interpreters
          • Captioners / CART
          • Close up visual
          • Pro-tactile
          • Voice interpreting (for ASL)
          • Copy signer
    • Set up the link between DSO and the speaker for more information
    • Give information whether known d/Deaf are confirmed for:
    • ASL interpreters
    • Deaf-Blind accommodations
  • Handles all the requests of:
    • Space Reservations
    • Workshop Proposals
    • Interpreter Requests
  • Maintains/updates the D Center website
  • Post things regularly on Facebook
    • Makes event page on Facebook
    • Posts D Center event on Facebook
      • And other pages as well
  • Sends emails to the list-serv about future events, relevant information
  • Check-out media equipment as needed:
    • Additional projector
    • Projector screen
    • Video camera
    • Photography camera
  • Makes surveys, polls, forms as needed
  • Oversee documentation of events (including photography and/or video) and make documentation available to entire community
  • Solicit feedback from event attendees and make information available to staff and advisory board
  • Determine the possibility of Skype / videochatting / Google hangout for events
  • Inquire if additional accessible accommodations will be needed
  • Keep statistical records of:
    • Views on the website
    • Likes on Facebook
    • Views on Facebook
    • List-serv number
    • UW attendees at events

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